Payment Processors


Stripe is an InkSoft recommended payment processor and is the simplest and fastest way to begin accepting payments in your InkSoft account.


Create Stripe Account

Before using Stripe, you will need to create a free Stripe account. You can review Stripe's pricing here. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email. Be sure to confirm.


  • Stripe has no setup or monthly fees. Once you’re set up, transfers arrive in your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis. Or you can opt to receive transfers weekly or monthly.
  • Stripe requires an SSL certificate (encrypted site security). We have a free SSL certificate option available or you can buy a dedicated SSL certificate. Either way, you need to have an SSL enabled in order to use Stripe. 
Learn more about SSL options here


Confirm Email

Stripe will send you a confirmation email following the step above. You'll need to confirm before proceeding.



Activate your Stripe Account

Login to your Stripe account. Click 'Activate your account' from the left side navigation. 

NOTE: You must first confirm your email address in order to proceed.
(See step above.)



Complete Application

Complete the short application. Trust us. This is the shortest and easiest payment processor application ever... seriously!



Authorize Access 

Login to your InkSoft account

  • Hover on Settings
  • Hover over Shopping Cart Settings
  •  Click Payment Processors


  • Select Stripe in the Dropdown
  • Click Connect my Stripe account


Enable and Disable Stripe
  • Enabled means the payment processor is 'on' and can process payments. 
  • Disabled means the payment process is 'off' and payments cannot be processed.
Stripe Enable