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Record and View Shipment (soon to be deprecated)

Print Shipping Labels within the Order Manager

Note: This guide is in reference to our Legacy Order Manager, which is currently being phased out. If the order was placed after 1/5/2022, please use this guide instead

Using automated integration for your shipping account? InkSoft will allow you to record shipment and generate a label right from your order manager.

NOTE: You will need to make sure that you have your shipping credentials entered for either UPS, FedEx or USPS through Stamps.com.

When printing labels through InkSoft, it will need to be done per the order. If you are looking to print bulk shipping labels, you will want to look at Shipstation or Worldship accounts. 

Ship Orders & Invoices

You must be within the Ship Stage of your Order Manager in order to Record and View your Shipment.

  • Click on the blue Order or Invoice Number
  • Check boxes next to products
  • Select Action - Record/View Shipment
  • Click Apply


Shipment Tracking Information

Enter the following information below:

  • Print Paper Size: allows you to select your Label Size
  • Ship Date: This will default to the day you are recording the shipment. You can change this!
  • Carrier: Select the shipping carrier that you will be using (UPS, USPS, FedEx)
  • Service: Choose your shipping method (Ground, Next Day Air etc.)
  • Packaging: Enter your packaging type
  • Weight: Enter the weight of the shipment
  • Dimensions: Enter the dimensions of the package
  • Declared Value: (Optional)
  • Tracking: THIS WILL POPULATE ON ITS OWN. Once you record the shipment, it will automatically pull over from your carrier. 
NOTE: If you are using a drop shipper, you can paste the tracking number that is given to you and enter that here. 
  • Status: (Optional)
  • Items in Package: This automatically populates based on the products that were ordered
  • Click Record This Shipment
NOTE: If you set up split packaging option within your shipping settings. Once you record and view shipment it will transmit the data to UPS, FedEx or USPS through Stamps.com - This will in turn break up the shipment into separate packages. As well as, charge your account for the label that you will be printing. 


Print Shipping Label

After the information has transferred over, you will see a consolidation of your shipment tracking information. You will see the Tracking Number pulled through as well. 

  • Click Print Shipping Label


Shipping Label

Your shipping label will open into a new browser where you can then send it off to your printer.