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Manage Orders (Non-InkSoft Core only)

Managing your orders using the Order Manager (Overview)

The Order Manager is a centralized location where you are able to track your orders through your production line. 

There are 5 Stages within your Order Manager:
Approve > Order  > Receive > Print  > Ship 


Stage Details

We consider the stages to be the “workflow” of how you received an order/invoice and fulfill it.

Approve - Every order placed on the store front will come into your approve stage. This allows you to monitor the orders coming in from a specific store. 

Order - Once you Approve your orders, you are ready to Order your products from a specific Supplier. When you are in this stage you are able to run the Product Ordering Report

Receive - You've now ordered your products and you are waiting to Receive your shipment from your supplier.
(NOTE: This step can be skipped)

Print - You have received your shipment, made sure that everything you purchased was sent to you. Now you are ready to start the print!
(NOTE: This step can be skipped)

Ship - The printing is done! You are now packaging and getting everything ready to Ship and/or be picked up/delivered. 

Within each Stage there are Status' that coincide with them.


Status is going to focus on the administrative side of your orders. Typically, your accountant or someone who manages the sales of the stores will want to focus on the status versus the stage.

Unauthorized/Authorized - will be under your Approve Stage.

  • Unauthorized Orders: Orders that were paid by Gift Certificate, Arrange for Payment Later, Purchase Order OR may have experienced an issue while collecting payment. This will allow you to check those orders prior to ordering/printing. 
  • Authorized Orders: Payment has been made! Proceed with production. 

Confirmed - will be under Order Stage. All orders that have been approved and ready to be ordered with a supplier.

Ordered - will be under the Receive Stage. Products have been ordered with the supplier and are waiting to receive the shipment. 

Assembling - will be under the Print Stage. The shipment from the supplier has been received and we are now prepping for print.

Prepared - will be under the Ship Stage. You just finished with the printing and are now packing up each order to be shipped, picked up or delivered. 

Shipped - Archived Orders. Any orders that you move through to completed will be archived in the system. 

Canceled - Archived Orders. Any orders that you cancel and refund will be archived in the system.

Filtering Orders 

You are able to filter within the order manager to find certain orders based on store or within a certain Stage, Status, Print Method or Date Range

You have a specific order you need to find? You have a search bar to the right of the Filters to help you search for a specific email, order number or anything you may have. 

  • Select Store (NOTE: You can skip this and go straight to filter type)
  • Filter Type (Filter Stage, Status, Print Method, Date Range) 
  • Search Orders & Invoices (Enter info to search for a specific order)

Once you filter, you will see ALL Orders/Invoices within a list. This page is your Bulk Action page! It gives you some high level information to start: 

  • Customer (Check boxes to the left for bulk actions)
  • Order/Invoice Number 
  • Amount of Order
  • Ship By/ Due Date
  • Prod. Status
  • Print Method
  • Store

NOTE: By clicking on one of the above, it will filter alphabetically/ low to high.


Most Common Bulk Actions