Abandoned Shopping Carts in SalesDoc

View or email your customers abandoned carts

Please note: This feature is only available in SalesDoc - for legacy saved carts, please view under orders>saved shopping carts.

We save each cart to allow you, as the shop owner, to reach out and convert a saved/ abandoned cart into a potential sale. 

Why do shoppers abandon or save their carts for later? 

Great question! There are a number of reasons this happens. To name a few, the most common are Price Shock, Price Comparisons, or Timing. There's no lockdown reasoning as to why shoppers leave after adding their items. 

Navigate to the Abandoned Cart tab within the InkSoft Core>Stores tab. 


In the filter options in the upper right-hand corner, you can choose to filter by the following options:

  • Store
  • Customer notified date
  • Last modified date
  • Search (Use the search bar to the right to find a specific user, cart number, etc.)

Manage Abandoned Carts

Clicking on the shopping cart number will load the customer's saved cart in a detailed admin view. There are a few different actions to take. 


  • Email customer - Clicking the blue button allows you to send the customer's cart link to them directly. You are able to edit the email address (adding multiple addresses by separating them with commas), subject line, and content/body. If you want to edit the email messaging in bulk, please click here to learn how to edit your email templates.
  • View Copy of Shopping Cart - Admin-only view of the customer's cart. You are not able to edit the cart, only view the cart details. 
  • Copy Customer Cart Link - If you are emailing the cart to your customer outside of the system, you can send them this link to allow them to move forward with their checkout and add/edit items in the cart as needed.
  • Please note: Actions for Abandoned Carts through embedded designers will be disabled. You will have read-only access to view the cart, but no email functionality is supported.