Additional Tools

Saved Shopping Carts

If your shopper adds items to their cart but does not complete their order, their cart will be saved for when they return.

We save each cart to allow you, as the owner, to reach out and convert a saved/ abandoned cart into a potential sale. 

Why do shoppers abandon or save their cart for later? 

Great question! There are a number of reasons this happens. To name a few of the most common are Price Shock, Price Comparisons or Timing. Theres no lock down reasoning as to why shoppers leave after adding their items. 

The Saved Shopping Cart section allows you to reach out and acquire that information from your shopper. 

Saved Shopping Carts

  • Hover over Orders
  • Click Saved Shopping Carts

In the Select Filter Type drop-down you can choose to:

  • Date Range
  • Store
  • Customer (Shoppers Email Address)
  • Search (Use the search bar to the right to find a specific user, cart number, etc.)

Sort Saved Shopping Carts 

Use the Carrot Icon (up and down arrow) to alphabetize or numerically filter your data per column. 

To open a cart, click on the Blue Shopping Cart Number.


Manage Saved Shopping Carts

Important: The actions that are given below are based on whether or not your shopper provided an email.

  • Email Cart as Quote to Customer - Send the Saved Shopping Cart with a personal message to the email that was entered by the shopper 

  • Override Pricing - Edit the subtotal to enter a custom price

  • Add to Shopping Cart - Select the items by clicking on the check boxes next to the images. Select Add to Shopping Cart and Apply. This will add your items to you MAIN Stores shopping cart. 

NOTE: It will not automatically take you to the shopping cart on your store front. You will want to go to your website and click on the Cart Icon on the top right. You will then see your items.


  • Send Email - Send an email with the cart link to get your shoppers back to checking out. There are a few Email Templates you can choose from to send out to your shoppers.

        - Abandoned
        - Abandoned (Custom)
        - New Version

       You are able to edit these templates under Marketing > Email Templates.

Edit Email Templates


  • Delete Item from Cart - Remove an item from the cart

Buttons within Saved Shopping Cart

  • Edit - Will take you to the designer to modify the artwork that was saved
  • Add to Render Queue & Render Design Now - Allows you to render and download the artwork from the Saved Shopping Cart.

NOTE: This will take some time to render the artwork.

  • Add Names & Numbers - Create a Roster for a Saved Shopping Cart
  • Save - Always save your changes if you use any of the above actions