Gift Certificates

Manually Issued Gift Certificates

You are able to sell and manually issue Gift Certificates with any store that you create. To enable or disable this setting, you will head to Settings > Shopping Cart Settings > Cart Settings

Looking to issue your gift certificates in bulk?? Issue Gift Certificates in Bulk

Manually Issue Gift Certificates
  • Click Orders
  • Click Gift Certificates

In the Select Filter Type drop-down you can choose to:

  • Issue New Gift Certificate
  • View Purchased Gift Certificates
  • View Manually Purchased Gift Certificates


Issue New Gift Certificate 
  • Select Store - Select the store you would like to apply the Gift Certificate to
  • Select Reason - Select the reason for the Gift Certificate (Credit or Promotion)
  • Enter From Name
  • Enter Issue To Name
  • Enter To Email
  • Enter Amount ($)
  • Enter Message to be attached to the email (OPTIONAL)
  • Click Save (Email will be sent to the 'TO' address you entered above)


Emailed Gift Certificate 

Below is an example of the Gift Certificate that will be sent to your shopper. You can always personalize this email by going to Marketing > Email Templates. 

Edit Email Templates



View Gift Certificates

You can view manually issued and purchased gift certificates by selecting the appropriate filter.



Note: You are able to void, increase and decrease the amount of Gift Certificates while editing. 

Disable Gift Certificates Input Field in Stores

You have the ability to disable the input field for Gift Certificates in Stores that will not use them. This is not required but can be helpful reduce potential confusion for your customers. You simply need to navigate to your store > Store Admin > Settings > Checkout Settings.