Export Orders to ShipStation

Simply the Shipping Process exporting to ShipStation

Within your Order Manager you have the ability to export your orders into ShipStation. Using this action will be given a CSV file with all of the selected orders to be downloaded. You can then upload that CSV into your ShipStation account. 

Note: You can also use this CSV file for WorldShip.

Not sure if ShipStation is for you?

Start your free 30 day trial today! Keep in mind that when you get a full ShipStation account, you will also get a stamps.com account. This will make the integration even easier if you use that service. 

ShipStation Export

You will be able to use the ShipStation Export in ANY Stage of your Order Manager, EXCEPT Approve. 



  • Check the boxes next to the orders you want to export
  • Select ShipStation Export
  • Click Apply


NOTE: A CSV File will then be downloaded to your computer

Upload CSV into ShipStation

  • Click Orders
  • Select Other Actions
  • Click Import Orders


Upload & Continue

  • Click + Select File to Upload your CSV file
  • Select Create a New Field Mapping if you have already mapped your orders 
  • OR Select a Saved Mapping From a Prior Import Job if you have mapped previously
  • Click Upload and Continue


Start Import

Use the drop down menu's to map your fields within ShipStation. InkSoft has named the fields to be the same as ShipStation to make mapping easy and clear. 



Import Completed

Your Import has been completed!



Manage Imports

You can find/manage your imports under Orders.



ShipStation Support

If you need any further assistance, you can click on the '?' on your top navigational bar to reach your personal Account Manager with ShipStation.