My Account

Learn how your customers will manage their accounts in your stores.

If a customer registers for a free User Account in your online store(s), they can then manage their account when they are signed in.

Once the customer is signed in to the store, they will see a link called "ACCOUNT" in the store's header. They can click on this to see a list of options:

  • Orders
  • Profile
  • My Designs
  • My Uploads
  • Address Book
  • Sign Out

Clicking on any of these options will take the user to the My Account page:




The customer can click on Orders to view their order history in your store. Here they can also View Order Details for any of their orders and Print Receipts:



A customer will also be able to Reorder a previous order, as long as the items in that order are still available for purchase. To do this, the customer will click the "View Order Details" button:




When viewing the order details, they will see an option to either REORDER the entire order, or they can REORDER only specific items from the order.


NOTE: If not all of the items in the order are available for reorder, then the option to REORDER the entire order will be disabled. The customer may still be able to reorder specific items within the order as long as they are available. The REORDER option will be disabled for specific items within the order if they are unavailable.


Designer orders can also be reordered, as long as the blank product is still available and the Designer in the store is still active:





The customer can click on Profile to see their User Info for their account. Here they can update their name, email, change their password, and choose to opt-in or not for the newsletter (marketing purposes):



My Designs

If the store has a Designer enabled, and the customer has been creating and saving custom designs, they can also view their designs in this section.

If they click on the 3-dot options menu on one of their designs, they will have an option to Delete the design or Edit in Designer:



If the customer doesn't have any saved designs, they will see an option called START DESIGNING, and they can click on the button to be taken to the Designer and begin creating designs!


My Uploads

If the store has a Designer enabled, the customer has an option to upload art files from their computer or mobile device to add to their design they are creating in the Designer. The uploaded files will display in the My Uploads section. They will have an option to Delete any uploaded artwork:



Address Book

The customer can click on Address Book to see the addresses they have used when placing orders. They can Edit or Delete existing addresses, and they can also Add a New Address:




Note: If you are signed in with your Admin Account, you will also have access to all of the My Account tools, along with the ability to Edit the Store.