Email Management

System Email Sent

See what emails have been sent out to your shoppers!

System Email Sent will record all system-generated emails. Anything from Order Receipts to Welcoming New Users will be shown here. 

NOTE: InkSoft will archive 500 emails at a time and/or what has occurred in the last 30 days. After some time, it is expect for outbound emails to be removed. 

If you are able to locate an email on this page, that confirms that it has successfully left the InkSoft system as intended. If your customer is not seeing it in their inbox, it is typically due to something on their end blocking the email from being received. 
System Email Sent

  • Hover over Marketing
  • Click System Email Sent


Recent Emails
  • Use Search Email to find a specific email that was sent (search by customers email or keywords such as receipt, approve, etc.)
  • Click Magnifying Icon to see the email 


View Sent Email

By clicking on the Magnifying Icon, the email will open to give you the exact email that was sent to your shopper. These emails are able to be edited utilizing Email Templates; check out this guide to see how to make those edits!