Email Templates

View or edit email's that go out to your users

There are a number of System Messages (Emails) that go out to your user's. Emails range from Receipts to Pick Up notifications. We have built-in email templates that are ready to go, but can be edited if need be. 

NOTE: There is no way of stopping emails from going out. 
Email Templates
  • Hover over Marketing
  • Click Email Templates


Managing Email Templates

Filter to edit an email template for a specific store

  • Select Store
  • Click Apply


Email Template Headings

When looking through your template list you will see: 

  • Name of the Template
  • The Type of the Email
  • Subject of the email template
  • Last Modified is the date it was published and/or saved after editing
  • Magnifying Icon (Allows you to view the template)


Edit Email Template

  • Click on the Name of the email would like to edit.


Anything within your email can be changed to your specifications. 

  • Template Name is for internal use. This helps keep you organized with your emails. 
  • E-mail Subject will show when your customer receives their email. 

NOTE: Anything that is between % symbols is a short code. This will automatically pull information into the email. 

Example: %OrderID% will automatically pull your shoppers Order Number.

  • Insert Merge Field will show you other short codes that can be used in your Email Body.
  • Apply to Stores allows you to save the edited email to numerous stores
  • Email Body is the content of your email
  • Save your email when finished
  • Reset to Default will bring back the original content in the email

NOTE: The image box will automatically pull your stores logo



Preview Email

You can click the Magnifying Icon to see your newly edited email in plain text. 



Important Email Templates

There are 4 email templates that are most important. 

  • Order Review - will send to your shopper when they arranged for payment later, payment mode is disabled, purchased with PO or Gift Certificate. 
  • Order Receipt - will be sent when your shopper purchases with a credit card and payment was authorized. *This will also go out after the Order Review once you approve the shoppers order in your order manager. 
  • Order Ready for Pick Up - will be sent out to your customers when they select a pick up or delivery method. 
  • Shipment Notification - will be sent when your shopper selects UPS, Fedex or USPS through Your shipment notification will pull the tracking number if you record your shipment through the order manager. 

Record Shipment