Email Campaigns

Market to your clients through bulk emailing

Email Campaigns are a great way to market to your client base! You can create effective email marketing an other online marketing campaigns to meet your business goals through MailChimp and Constant Contact integration. 

Email Campaigns

  • Hover over Marketing
  • Click Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns

Integration API

We integrate with two great marketing campaign services. 

NOTE: For Constant Contact - you may already have an account, but you need to make sure that you register for a developer account specifically.

Once you have an account with MailChimp

  • Enable MailChimp
  • Paste your API Key:

Need to find your MailChimp API Key?

Once you have an account with Constant Contact

  • Enable Constant Contact
  • Paste your API Key, enter Username and Password:

Need to find your Constant Contact API Key? Follow these steps:


  • Click "Get API Keys":

  • Fill out Application Name and Company Name with the name of your company. Fill out Website with " store_directory" (type in the name of your store directory) and then click Register Application:

  • Copy the Key:

Configure Email Integrations

Within MailChimp and Constant Contact you will manage your subscribers by lists. Lists will allow you to put your users into specific groups based on interests/categories. This will help easily build campaigns for different subscriber lists. 

NOTE: You will create your Subscriber List's ON MailChimp or Constant Contact.

You will associate your lists to a specific store. Based on your store selection, you can see the list of your subscribers. 

Here you can see the Users Email, Name, Subscription Status and when the user was created.

Add New Subscriber

You can add a new subscriber manually

  • Enter Email
  • Enter First/Last Name
  • Check Subscribed
NOTE: If you select a Store and a Subscriber List prior to creating a new subscriber, they will in turn be assigned to those filters. 
  • Click Save when all is said and done

Additional Information

How do my clients get from InkSoft to MailChimp or Constant Contact?

When your shoppers create an account with you, they will be asked if they want to receive your newsletter. If they opt in for the newsletter, MailChimp and/or Constant Contact will send them an email confirming their subscription. Once confirmed, your user will then be pulled through as a subscriber to your email campaigns! 

You can also, download your User Accounts as a CSV file and upload them into your campaign service. 

Manage User Accounts

Do I send Campaigns through InkSoft?

No. All email marketing will be done through MailChimp or Constant Contact. 

The integration entails the pull of User Accounts in InkSoft into your Subscriber Lists on MailChimp or Constant Contact.