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  • Click Site Tools

Google Analytics

The number one thing to think about in every part of advertising is analytics. Most of these platforms (InkSoft, Facebook, Google, Yelp, Twitter) will have analytics to show you how many people have visited your page, how many people click on a link or button, how many people go to your website, and so on. These numbers are IMPERATIVE to your success! 

For example, if you are spending money on advertising and noticing thatGoogle isn’t bringing you as many clicks as Twitter is, you should stop spending as much money on Google and allocate funds in the platforms that are showing more action. Do not waste your money and time on platforms that you can track success, but aren’t seeing any.


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Google Tracking ID (UA-nnnnnn-n)

Once you have your account set up and ready to go. Enter your Google Tracking ID and see all your traffic reports at Google Analytics!


Site Verification 

Verification is the process of proving that you own your site. Google needs to confirm ownership because once you are verified for a site, you have access to its private Google Search data and can affect how Google Search crawls it.

The Google Verification Meta-Tag is a snippet of HTML that Google will give to you for site verification. There are 2 ways of proving you own the site you claim to own. 

  • Verify through your domain registrar 
  • Use Alternative Method (Easiest & Recommended) to grab the HTML Tag to copy and paste into your InkSoft Admin Portal

NOTE: You can verify your site through Bing as well


Need assistance to find your Google Verification Meta-Tag? Site Verification

Google Product Feed

Google Data feed is a file made up of a list of products which use groupings of attributes that define each one of your products in a unique way. 

Attributes, such as 'condition' and 'availability', can have standardized values, or accepted "answers," or attributes can be open to fill with your own choice of value, such as 'id' or 'title'. 

  • Click Create New Google Product Feed
  • Click Blue Apply to refresh your page
  • Click the Green 'Click Here To Download Your File'
  • Unzip the file and upload into your Google Account

Upload your Google Product Feed

Upload Product Feed

Google Sitemap

A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like, Google Bot, read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

  • Click Download Sitemap
  • Click the Green 'Click Here To Download Your File'

  • A white page will open for you
  • Right Click on the page

  • Click View Page Source
  • Copy & Paste into your Google Account

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that makes it easy for you to add and update website tags. Including conversion tracking, site analytics, re-marketing, and more- with just a few clicks, and without needing to edit your website code.

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Google Tag Manager

Once you have your account, you will grab your Google Tag Manager ID (GTM-XXXX)and paste that into your Admin Portal of InkSoft.


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Set Up Google Tag Manager