Redirect URLs

Direct web traffic from one page to another

Redirect URL's allow you to redirect the path from one page to another.

Redirect URL's in this section is for InkSoft URL's ONLY. If you are trying to redirect a domain to another, you will need to go through your domain provider. 

Example: redirect to

Redirect URL's

  • Hover over Marketing
  • Hover over Advanced
  • Click Redirect URL's

Add New Redirect

  • Click Add New Redirect

Configure New Redirect

The URL From should be a valid path inside your existing InkSoft web store. This excludes your Domain OR if you do not have a domain (


  • /InkSoft_Web_Store/Home
  • /InkSoft_Web_Store/Designs
  • /InkSoft_Web_Store/Products

The URL To can be any valid URL either inside your InkSoft Web store or otherwise.


  • Select Store
  • Enter URL From
  • Enter URL To
  • Click Save

You can add as many Redirects as you would like.