How to Create a Purchase Order

Create a Purchase Order in the Purchasing section to organize the blank goods you need to order from your supplier.

What's a purchase order?

A purchase order (PO) is a document issued by you to a wholesale blank product supplier. It is used to control the purchasing of blank products that you need to fulfill open orders. A purchase order indicates list of blank products, quantities, sizes, and colors of the blank products you want to purchase.



Step 1: Select products

From the Needs Purchasing view, select the products you wish to include in a purchase order. These products are automatically displayed here based on orders in your Order Manager.

Step 2: Click 'Create PO'

After selecting one or more products you will see an action menu - click the Create PO action.

Step 3: Complete the Create PO form

Select the desired supplier from the dropdown. Complete the optional fields if desired and click the create PO button to complete the process.

Optional fields include:

  • Reference number: Add a custom reference number to associate to the purchase order.
  • Tracking: Add a supplier-provided tracking number to monitor shipping.
  • Expected delivery date: The date in which you expect products to be delivered.
NOTE: Once you create a purchase order, it will be accessible from the Purchased view in the event you want to edit, delete, or receive blanks into inventory.
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