Production Card Details

Let's take a look at what a Production Card is, and which parts make up the Production Card Details!

What are Production Cards and where do they come from?

Production cards are the building blocks of a Job. They provide a flexible way to visualize and organize work the needs to get done.

Production cards are automatically generated once an order is placed. You can have a maximum of 4 production cards per product due to print location (i.e. front, back, left sleeve, right sleeve.) A production card will be generated for each design location for every unique item within the order.

| Note: You cannot create Production Cards manually.

To learn about Production Card selection and Job assignment/creation, click HERE.

Parts of a Production Card

To view an individual production card, click on the production card ID:


Top-level Information for the card:

  • Store Name
  • Order Number
  • Production Card ID
  • Customer Name
Production Cards - Top Level Info


Top-level Actions located on the right:

  • Print
  • Download PDF
  • Create Job
  • Assign to Existing Job
  • Download Render Package - Allows you to download a .zip file containing work order + art assets.
  • Mark as Completed

You can also see if that individual card has been Assigned to a Job or not:

Production Cards - Top Level Actions


ART section of a production card:

  • Artwork/Design - Includes Design Name, Print Location, Decoration Method, Color Count, and Colorway.
  • Art Notes - You can add important Notes to the production card.
  • Colors - Provides color count and color details for the artwork used.
  • Attachments - Contains a downloadable file for the artwork. You can attach additional art files if needed.
Production Cards - ART View-3


PRODUCT section of a production card:

  • Associated Product(s):
  1. Product Name, Manufacturer Name, Product SKU
  2. Product Color, Sizes and Quantities
  3. Purchasing Status - This tells you if the blank product still "Needs Purchasing" or if they have been "Received". Marking Blank Products from Purchase Orders as Received will update the Purchasing Status on your cards. If you already have inventory on-hand, you can also Mark your Blank Products as In-Stock. This will also update the Purchasing Status on your cards accordingly.
Production Cards - PRODUCT View-2


Production Card Activity

Shows a history of activity and changes made to production card. You can leave Comments here as well.

Production Cards - Activity

| Note: The customer will not see these comments and will not be notified.