Managing Jobs

InkSoft makes it easy to manage jobs to help you get work done more efficiently.

The Job Board

The Job Board allows you to access jobs. You can access your job board from Production by clicking Jobs.

Viewing Jobs

  • Open Jobs: You can view all open jobs, completed jobs, or all jobs (open and completed)
  • Search: Enter a search term and hit return on your keyboard to search a job with matching terms.
  • Filter: Use filter options to narrow and view jobs by and combination of:
    • Workflow: Workflow assigned to the job
    • Workflow Stage: Current workflow stage
    • Job Created Date: Date that job was created
    • Schedule Date: Date the job is scheduled for
    • Due Date: Date the job is due

Managing a Job

Click on a Job Number to open the Job details.

Production Manager 2018-09-20 15-25-54

Job Details

Job details has three main sections:

Summary: High-level overview of the job. The summary section contains the following:

    • Job Notes: Optional job notes (internal only.)
    • Production Cards: List of the production cards included in the job.
Note: You can add or remove production cards here.
    • Product Previews: Preview of the products included in the job
    • Payment Status: Current payment status on the order the production cards originated from
    • Job Activity: Timeline of job activities

Art: Manages art files for the job. (View, access, and upload art files.)

Products: View the product(s) associated to the job.

Kapture 2021-04-13 at 15.53.26

Job Actions

  • Print: Print job details (i.e. work order)
  • Download PDF: Download job details (work order) PDF
  • Job actions: Job options and controls including:
    • Edit Job: Allows you to modify the job name, schedule date, and job notes
    • Change Workflow: Allows you to change the workflow and stage of a job
    • Download Render Package: Allows you to download a .zip file containing all job details (i.e. work order + art assets.)
    • Delete Job: Will permanently delete the job. All production cards assigned to the job will be reverted back to Production Cards.
  • Job Stage: You can change the job stage available in the workflow that was assigned to the job.
NOTE: 'Completed' is a fixed stage in all workflows. It indicates the job has been produced.