Create and Manage Production Workflows

Creating and managing custom production workflows is simple. We'll show you how.

What's a workflow?

A workflow is a series of steps or tasks required to complete a job/production. InkSoft allows you to build custom production workflows that can be assigned when creating a job.

Creating Production Workflows

To create a new production workflow:

  • Click Preferences from Production
  • Click Create New
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Create New Workflow


Preferences Stages
  • Status: Active means the workflow will be available for use. Inactive means the workflow can be created and saved, but will not be available to use when creating a job.
  • Name: Enter the desired name for the job.
  • Avatar: Select an avatar to represent the workflow.
  • Define the stages for this workflow: Click the Create New button to add Stages or steps, statuses or milestones within the workflow. A stage will indicate where a job currently is in the workflow process.
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When creating a new stage you will input a name, and select a color to represent it.

  • Click the Create button
  • Your stage will now display within your workflow list
  • Click Edit Pencil to change your entry and/or the Trash Can to delete
  • You can drag and drop to sort your stages
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Managing Workflows

You can edit, mark as inactive, or delete created workflows. You can find these settings under:

  • Production
  • Click Preferences
  • Click the option icon next to the workflow you wish to modify

For your convenience, you'll see how many stages and open jobs are in each workflow.

Preferences Workflow
NOTE: If you elect to delete a workflow and it is assigned to open jobs, you will be required to move the jobs to an active workflow -- we'll take you through some simple steps to help in this process.