Keep track of all your production jobs with the new Calendar view! The Calendar view will help you to ensure that production is always on schedule and on time.

How to access the Calendar

To access the Calendar view, click on Calendar in Production:


Calendar Views

The Calendar will always default to today's date and in Week view. Use the arrows to move forward or backward in the calendar. You can also scroll left to right for the same effect. Click on the Today button to jump back to today's date:


You can change the view to Day view and Month view as well:


Finding Jobs

Jobs will show in the Calendar automatically - no need to send them to the Calendar! You can click on the calendar icon to access a particular month and day, then use the Filters to find the specific jobs you need. You can filter by:

  • Workflow
  • Job Stage
  • Due Date

Job Previews and Actions

Click on a Job to preview the details. You will have access to several different actions for the job as well, including:

  • Edit Job
  • Change Workflow
  • Download Render Package
  • Change job stage
  • Add Notes
  • Leave Comments
Note: Click on the Job ID number to open the Job and view the full details for that job. See below:

Other Actions for Jobs

Jobs will show in the Calendar according to the Scheduled Date. You can also drag-and-drop a job to a different date, and this will update the job's scheduled date: