Training Session #4

Pre-Decorated Products thru RPC & Online Store Set Up

This training session focuses on creating pre-decorated products and store creation.

Store Creation 

Creating a Store is a quick and easy way to generate revenue, by either partnering with an organization, or just selling your own pre-decorated products.  

You can use this for any simple e-commerce store where it is click and buy or create an awesome fundraiser to give back to the community! It's a super intuitive, mobile responsive website for both you and your customers.

Need store ideas?  School stores, Church stores, Employee stores, Team Gear stores for players, Summer Camp Pre-sale, Sport Playoff Stores, and more. Visit the InkSoft Demo Site and view the various Store Examples under the Stores tab.

Questions? Click here for a full guide.

Pre-Decorated Products

Creating Pre-Decorated products using Corel, Illustrator or Photoshop can take some time. Using Rapid Product Creator to generate your products will make it easier and faster when adding products to your stores. 

You will need to have blank products assigned to your catalog in order to create Pre-Decorated products using Rapid Product Creator (click here for the quick start guide on how to add products)

Questions? Click here for a full guide