Training Session #3 (Part 3)

Options, Color Palette & Site Speed

This training session focuses on Website Options/Settings, Color Palette Management and Website Speed Settings.

Display Options Settings

This video focuses on Product, Design Studio, and Art Settings.

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Managing Your Color Palette

Printer Ink Colors

InkSoft comes with a default / general color palette. We recommend create a custom color palette that reflects the colors you print with.

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Website Speed Settings

InkSoft offers two features to help optimize site speed. We highly recommend utilizing both features AFTER you have full configured your site and tested it. This is the last step in deploying a InkSoft Powered web store.

  1. Page Caching: Stores webpages and servers them from memory, as opposed constructing each page on the fly for each unique visitor. Learn more about caching here.
  2. Content Delivery Network (CDN): Serves images quickly from servers / data centers across the world. This offloads page load times as images and the page load at the same time. Learn more about CDN here.

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