Training Session #1

Product Categories, Adding Products from Supplier Catalogs and Managing your Blank Products

Welcome to InkSoft.

Creating Product Categories in InkSoft

Product categories allow you organize and manage all of the products you offer in your InkSoft stores. Taking the time to set up and organize your product categories will make life much easier for you as you create new stores and add new products. The number of product categories is completely up to you based on your needs.

Questions? Click here for a full guide.

Adding Products from a Supplier

Adding products from the supplier catalog is quite simple. We recommend that you start off by adding no more than 100 products to your store so that you can manage them more easily, however, you are able to add everything if you would like.

Questions? Click here for a full guide.

Managing your Product Catalog

Managing your products is a crucial part of keeping your online store running and relevant to your customers. Without accurate product information, product pricing and good product images, you’ll have a hard time keeping customers on your page in a very visual market. This guide will show you how to efficiently manage your products to keep your site looking it’s best with our new product management section.

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Quantity Discounts

InkSoft allows you to create unlimited quantity discounts for products. Note: These only apply to the product side of pricing. Print pricing is separate.

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