GT Printer by Brother Integration

Art File Integration with Brother

GT Printer by Brother Art File Integration 

Printing Capabilities

  • Hover over Pricing
  • Click Pricing Options

Printing Capabilities 

  • Check Digital Printing
  • Enter Printer DPI (dots per inch)
  • Check GT Printer by Brother

Integrated Printers

  • Brother GT-341
  • Brother GT-361
  • Brother GT-381

Make sure to save your changes


Order Manager

  • Click Orders
  • Filter to find your orders
  • Click Order Number to open order

Rendered Design

Within the order you will see your rendered designs under your product image. You will see Brother GT3 within the list.

  • Click the 'b' icon 

Rendered AR3 Files

A new window will open for you. You will enter your settings for the design asset. 

  • Click Color+White to download (white under-base plus the color data)
  • Click Color Only to download (color data only)
  • Render Custom AR3 (Enter custom data)

NOTE: Reach out to Brother to receive the best formatting when you Render Custom AR3

  • Click Render

Once you render the AR3, you will be able to open the file using your Brother's Print Software. 

Pro Tip: Use your mouse to right click the downloaded AR3 file. You will then select which software application you want to open the file with. Creating this association will save the step in opening it in your Brother Print Software. 

File Association