How to Convert Your Legacy Store Type to a Store

On June 22nd, we will be deprecating all legacy Store types. Learn how to easily convert & transfer all of your Legacy Store Type data to an InkSoft Store in 3 easy steps before this date!

If you would like to convert your Legacy Store Type to our new and improved Store Type before the official sunset date, follow the steps below!

On June 22nd, we’ll take care of this conversion for you, no action necessary! 

Legacy Store Type to Store Conversion

In this conversion process, you will convert a legacy Store type to our newest, and most enhanced Store type. All store data including products, pricing, artwork, user accounts, store contact/info, checkout settings, and more will be transferred to your new Store Type. No manual data transfer is necessary– this process has you covered!

Watch our resource video to walk you through this or refer to steps below!


**If you’re unsure of what is considered a Legacy Storetype you can use the “Select Options” filter and select all non-Store types and all Legacy Store Types will populate. 

Follow these three easy steps to convert your Legacy Store to a new Store in minutes!

1. Please login to your main store dashboard and locate the Legacy Store you intend to convert. Simply click the Legacy Store Name and you will land on the Storefront.

2. Once you’re on your intended Webstore Storefront, you will want to locate the URL bar (it can be or your custom domain), and type the following after the URL: /shop/home. (forward slash shop forward slash home)


3. This will trigger the conversion automatically and bring you to your newly converted Store with all store data transferred. From here you will want to select the “Style Editor” tab in the top navigation bar, and hit “Save”.


This completes the Webstore to Store conversion process– Nice work! 

Please note: If you’re converting your Main Webstore to a Store using this process, your assigned store mark-up (if applicable) will be removed and will impact your end-user pricing. 

Once your conversion is complete, here are your recommended next steps! 

From here, you will want to use our quick and easy Style Editor to map out your new and improved Store look. All functionality and checkout will remain intact but your Store look will differ from your Webstore. 


Need some help or inspiration?

Don’t worry, our team has you covered! Feel free to check out our recommend resources below for tips & tricks.

Click here to learn how to use our Style Editor and explore all of our store components!

Here’s a great collection of Showcase Stores and Landing Page Examples for ideas and inspiration. 


Please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team or your Account Manager directly if you need any further assistance. Our Support Team can be reached by phone 1-800-410-3048,  by email, or available by chat within your dashboard.