Gift Certificate Report

Overview of the Default Gift Certificate Report, available within the Core Reports section.

Report Output:

1 Row per Gift Certificate issued

Report Columns

The following data points are included in the report and are represented as their own column in the table view. All columns listed below are shown in the report by default. 

Note: Hide/Show columns using the Columns Panel
Use the columns panel in the Report Detail View to hide/show the different data points you want to be visible in the report. Learn more about managing columns

Group: means the column supports Row Groups and can be nested
Aggregate: means the column supports Row Group Value Aggregation

Customer Email Email address the gift certificate was issued to. Group
Customer Name Name of the customer the gift certificate was issued to. Group
Gift Certificate Number 16-digit gift certificate number used on the Order.  
Store Name Customer-facing name of the Store the gift certificate is associated with. Group
Date Issued Date the gift certificate was created and issued to the customer. Group
Initial Balance Balance of the gift certificate when it was issued to the customer. Aggregate
Remaining Balance Remaining amount of money available on the gift certificate. Aggregate
Issue Reason Reason for issuing the gift certificate (ie. Credit, Promotion). Group