Export Orders to QuickBooks

Learn how to export orders to QuickBooks and what options are available.


Don't have Quickbooks configured in InkSoft yet? Click Here to get set up and connected first. You'll need to complete this step before you can send orders to QuickBooks.

InkSoft currently supports two different options regarding exporting orders to Quickbooks:

Sales Receipt - 
Within the Sales Receipt, you cannot add payment and tax. Payment and tax will show as a line item.

Invoices - The balance and amount paid gets allocated to their proper buckets. Payment and tax will not show as a line item provided the taxation setting is configured to automated. 

  • Navigate from the Dashboard to InkSoft Core > Orders
  • Use Filter to find the orders you would like to export
  • Check the boxes next to the Orders
  • Click the QuickBooks button in the top right action bar


You will receive a Success Message stating that your orders/invoices have been exported successfully. Your orders will also update with a green QB logo indicating its completion. 

NOTE: The most common error you might encounter here is a 'Duplicate Customer Encountered' error. This just means that the name of the customer you've exported matches a name that already exists in QuickBooks. 

Simply edit the name within QuickBooks to resolve the issue.

Export to QuickBooks Example:


Sales Tax 

Sales Tax will show up as a Line Item if the Sales are not Auto configured within QuickBooks. Once they are auto-configured, they will come in the Summary part of the Invoice. In order to access this setting, click the Taxes section on the left of the QB Dashboard

NOTE: When exporting to Sales Receipt, the tax and payment will be exported as the line item on the Sales Receipt. Use the Export to Invoices option to have Sales Tax appear below the line items.


How to export orders from the Legacy Order Manager:

  • Hover over Orders
  • Click Order Manager

Orders and Invoices can be exported once they have been approved. This means that in order to export to QuickBooks, your Orders & Invoices must be within the Order StageReceive StagePrint Stage or Ship Stage.


To get started:

  • Filter to find the Orders you would like to export
  • Check the boxes next to the Orders
  • Select Action: Export to QuickBooks
  • Click Apply

If you need help or have any questions regarding sending orders to QuickBooks, please reach out to our Support team and we'll be happy to further assist.