Developer Settings & Digital Marketing

NOTE: InkSoft does not provide technical support for third-party products, including Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Live Chat, etc. Please review all applicable information BEFORE enabling.

Developer Settings

This section of your store offers unique functionality for utilizing custom CSS and also allowing you to embed your own scripts. This opens your stores up to the possibility of using your own custom coding. Or, even technology such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Adwords, etc. You can locate this tab by navigating to your store > Store Admin > Settings > Developer Settings

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Custom CSS

By clicking the 'Choose File' button, you will have the ability to browse, locate, and upload CSS files from your computer into your InkSoft store. Using this, you can overwrite the default settings and appearance of your InkSoft page. It is important to note that these files are not provided by InkSoft; it is custom coding done by web developers.

Embedded Scripts

This section offers a space to enter in custom codes for embedded scripts. This can be used specifically for things like Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel for marketing purposes, but also Live Chat services. The services you wish to use and the results you strive for are entirely determined by you. Site traffic data, conversion rates, referral links, etc. With some services, this data can even contribute to retargeting and remarketing efforts. 

NOTE: Your scripts will not activate and fire on the page until the Activate Scripts toggle is turned on.

Example: Hide the "Add Text" Button

Hide Add Text Action

/* --- Blank Canvas - Start Screen --- */ .actions li:nth-child(2) {
display: none;

/* --- Design Added - Layers Panel --- */ .actions div:nth-child(2) {
display: none;

/* --- Mobile Actions Footer --- */
li#mobileFooterAddTxt {
display: none;

Example: Remove Product Price from a Store

Hide Price on Product Detail Page

Price will be hidden for BLANK and PRE-DEC PRODUCTS
.product-detail-panel .product-price {
display: none;


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Custom CSS References

Already well versed in this field? Feel free to visit our Custom CSS Reference guide to see common and basic selectors that can assist you!