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Saved Customer Art

Saved Customer Art is the exact file your shoppers uploaded into your Design Studio.

The Downloadable Customer art section allows you to view, edit and download any of your customer's clip art that was uploaded to the InkSoft Design Studio. 

Please note: Art will only be saved to the system if the customer has/created a user account, if they were not logged in, the art will be rendered from the order itself.

Saved Customer Art 

  • Saved Customer Art: The original art file that your shopper uploaded in the design studio 
  • Saved Customer Designs: The final art that your shopper saved in the design studio

Select your search filter

  • Select Filter Type: Filter by Store, Customer (email based search), Date Range or View All.
  • Select the desired filter and click the Apply button to see the results.

Manage Customer Art

After filtering your results will appear. Three options will be available for each piece of downloadable customer art:

  • Download: Will download the file open a tab with the image to download.
  • Delete: Will permanently delete the file.
  • Create Design in Studio: This will open the file in the Design Studio where you can edit the file and save.