Manage Font

How to view and download your InkSoft fonts.

You can use the Manage Font area to select the fonts you want to offer to your customers in the Design Studio. You will also download your InkSoft fonts in this section.

Getting Started
  • Mouse over Art
  • Move the cursor down to Fonts
  • Click to select Manage Fonts


  • Categories: Provides a quick way to filter and see fonts associated to a font category.
  • Select/Deselect All: Checking the box next to the font will allow the font to appear in the Design Studio. Unchecking will remove it from the Design Studio.
  • Font Preview: Displays the name of the font as a preview
  • Download: You can click the download icon to download the desired font. This will download a TTF installable font.
  • Click Save to update your changes


Click here to learn more about uploading custom fonts!