Custom Font

How to upload custom fonts for use in the Design Studio

While the look of the site has changed, the information in the video is current!

Getting Started:

  • Mouse over Art
  • Move the cursor down to Fonts
  • Click to select Custom Fonts


  • Upload Font: Allows you to upload your desired font.
  • Save
  • Category Filter: Provides a quick way to filter and see fonts associated to a font category.
  • Allow Font: Checking the box next to the font will allow the font to appear in the Design Studio. Unchecking will remove it from the Design Studio.
  • Font Preview: Displays the name of the font as a preview
  • Font Name: Update and change the font name. Note: The preview of the font will update as well
  • Font Category: Allows you to move the font to another category by selecting one in the drop down menu
  • Delete Font
  • Download the Font

Uploading a Font

  • Select an existing category you would like the font to be applied to, or you can create a new category for your font.
  • Click to open a window and select the font you wish to upload from your computer.

  • Type in your font name - this will update the preview as well. 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click upload

Click here to learn more about managing existing Inksoft fonts!