Saved Customer Designs

How to access and download your customers saved designs

Saved Customer Designs are all designs that are created and saved by users in the Design Studio. This is a very valuable tool as it allows you to find your customers designs they created, and edit or download the art file.

Please note: This feature only applies to users that have created an account on the site.  If the customer was not logged in or does not have an account, their art can be found on their order within the Order Manager.

Getting Started

  • Hover over Art
  • Hover over Downloadable Art
  • Click Saved Customer Designs

Searching for Customer Designs

  • Choose how you would like to search for your customers art, select from: Store, Date Range, Customer, or View All
  • The Search Art function allows you to find saved designs quickly. You can enter search requests by email address, customer name, design name.

Customer Design Options

After filtering you will see the results displayed. When hovering your mouse over the thumbnail preview you will see three icons/options which include (from left to right):

  • Render/Download: This will prepare the art for download. Note: Rendering is the process of finalizing the art and assembling it. This process may take several minutes.
  • View in Store: Allows you to view the art on the store front
  • Edit Design Studio: Need to make changes? This function will allow you to edit and save the customers design in the Design Studio right in the backend. Click 'Save' in the Design Studio to replace the customer's saved art with your modifications.

Downloading Customer Designs

When the art is ready to download the render icon will change to a download arrow and text saying "Rendered Today" will display under the date of the design.

  • Click the Render/Download button
  • Select the File Type you wish to download; you can download all file types with the zip file that is listed first. The files available for download are directly correlate with the Printing Capabilities set in your store. For more information about Printing Capabilities see this guide here.