Design Invites

This feature allows you to send a design invitation via email to your customers to edit and create new products with.

Getting Started

  • Hover over Art
  • Hover over Design Ideas
  • Click Design Invites

 Creating a New Design Invite

After clicking  'Create New' popup window will appear where you can compose your Design Invite email:

  • Store: Select the store you want to send the invite from.
  • Lookup: Allows you to search for an existing contact or add a new one. 
  • CC: Optional. Here you can carbon copy in additional email addresses, please make sure to comma separate your email addresses. 
  • Subject: Enter in a personalized email subject.
  • Message: Enter a personalized message here. 
  • NOTE: InkSoft will automatically insert a Design Invite URL at the bottom of your email message. If you want to position the Design Invite link in your email message you can simple type %URL% where you'd like the link to display.
  • Select Action: Select where the customer is directed when they click the provided link:
  • Start In Blank Design Studio
  • Display List of Designs in Design Category
  • Load Specific Design
  • Send Design Invite E-mail: Click to send invite out.

 Managing Existing Design Invites

After filtering or searching for results you will have the following view.

  • Click the subject to expand the view. This allows you to see a preview thumbnail of the design created.
  • Click the thumbnail preview to generate a larger preview.
  • Optional: Input notes
  • Optional: Click the delete icon to archive the Design Invite