Create New Design Idea

How to upload or create custom designs for your customers

Within InkSoft you are able to create or upload custom designs for your customers to use for decoration.  These designs can be editable or used as is, depending on your needs.

Navigating to Create New Design Idea: 

  • Hover over Art
  • Click Create New Design Idea

  • Select the store you are working with.
  • Click Apply

Create New Design Idea Options

There are two ways to create a design idea: 

  • Upload Design - Ideal for completed artwork you are bringing in to the system.
  • Create New Design - Allows you to create a design idea in the design studio, upload artwork, change design colors, add in text elements and design elements. 

Upload Design: 

  • To upload a design, click Upload Designs
  • Click browse to pull up your design (we suggest .png, .svg, .pdf file types). 
  • You will now be able to assign the design name, keywords, store, category, background color and optional features. 

Note: If you are allowing customers to edit the text on the design, the text MUST be added through the design studio. 

  • Featured: The design will display in the featured design space on your site. 
  • Locked: This will lock the design and not allow it to be edited in the design studio.
  • Save your changes

Note: All designs must be categorized to show on the storefront, if they are uncategorized, they will remain in the uncategorized list shown below and will be unavailable to customers.


Create New Design

  • After clicking the Create New Design button the Design Studio will launch, this will allow you to access your designs and clip art catalog, you can customize as needed, adding text or design elements. 
  • Click the Save when you are done creating the design, name your design, click continue.
  • Click on the 'x' icon to close the design studio. 

  • You will be brought back to the screen within the Art tab, you will assign your design parameters as described in the Upload Design step. 

Click here to learn about managing your design ideas!