Downloadable Clip Art

Learn how to download clip art from your Admin Portal.

Get Started

  • Hover over Art
  • Hover over Downloadable Art
  • Click Clip Art

To generate your clipart for download, you will need to select a filter: 

  • Category: Search by category
  • Type: Vector or raster (digital)
  • Number of Colors: Colors in vector design
  • You can enter search values on the right of the page if you wish to search by keyword.
  •  Click the Apply button to generate results.

After clicking apply you will see your filtered results. When hovering your mouse over the thumbnail preview you will see three icons/actions.

  • Render/Download (left hand box): The downloaded art will pop the clip art on another webpage to allow you to right click and save the file. 
  • Edit in Design Studio (right hand box): Will launch the Design Studio with the selected Clip Art to edit. Click the 'Save' button in the Design Studio when done editing.