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Art Libraries

Add newly released clip art and design ideas to your stores

Adding New Design Ideas & Clip Art

  • Hover over the Art
  • Hover over Art Libraries
  • Select Clip Art OR Design Ideas

  • Preview designs: Click the category thumbnail to view all of the designs. Click the thumbnail again to hide the previews.
  • Select the store and category you wish to add your art to.  

Please note, The default / suggested category is pre-selected. You can add to more than one category at a time.

  • Click the plus sign to the right to add in another store and category configuration if needed. 
  • Background color (optional): You can define the background color for the designs to display against by clicking into the box to the right of the category selection. We generally recommend not adding a background color.
  • Save: You MUST click save at each individual category.
We will notify you through System Message, Blog Post and Email when we release new artwork!