Custom Pages in Stores

Navigate your Customers to Different Pages within your Stores platforms

Hosting multiple pages on your Stores is quick and easy. These are often used for times when you need extra pages such as: About Us, Services, FAQ, and Team pages!

To start, simply navigate to your Store > Style Editor > Under the bar on the left, click "ADD PAGE". 

Fill in your Page Name and the Slug (this will be used as the directory to differentiate it from your other pages).

Editing the Page

You now will have an entirely separate page from your main page! You can use this page for whatever suits your business. Editing it, as well, operates just the same as the main page. 

- Use the blue circle on the bottom right to view the different components available for that page.

- Select your component to attach to the page.

- Hover over the component and edit it just as you would any other component on the main page.

- Remember to Save & Publish before leaving this page!