Setting Up a Custom Domain in Stores

Learn how to set up a custom domain within InkSoft, and get it pointed to the correct IP Address

Please Note: Examples in this guide will be from GoDaddy, but the information is, in general, applicable to all Domain Providers.


Point your Domain to InkSoft's IP address

The first thing you will want to do is ensure your domain is pointing to InkSoft's IP address. When on your Domain Provider's website, log in to your account and go to your DNS settings. In GoDaddy, you will go to My Products and then click Manage under the domain you are adjusting. For other domain providers, the steps to get to your DNS management may be different, but should be similar.




Under your DNS Manager, you will change your A Record to, or you can create a CNAME and point it to if you are using a subdomain (www, shop, etc...).



A Record Change:



CNAME Change:



If you are changing the CNAME, be sure to Forward it to the Domain. If you have an SSL, use https:// forwarded to the domain.



Please note - changes can take up to 24-48 hours to propagate within the system.  To learn more about Propagation, click here! 


Validate Your Domain

From your Store Admin settings, select Custom Domain & SSL under the Advanced section. Select Yes, I have a custom domain 




Enter your Domain in the area that says http:// and click Validate. You will receive a green Connected notification as long as your domain is properly pointed to InkSoft.

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Now that you have successfully connected your domain to InkSoft, you will want to install an SSL in order to ensure your website's security.