Core Reporting in SalesDoc

Use our new report builder to quickly customize and generate reports

Note: This feature is only available for customers on the SalesDoc platform

The InkSoft Core>Reports section allows you to quickly access and export your order data as well as build custom, saved reports to quickly load your customer's details and streamline backend reporting functions for your team. 

Please note: Pre-Core order reporting data will need to be pulled through our Simple Order Report and Simple Order Items (this will show any orders prior to Core opt-in for legacy users). 

When you navigate to InkSoft Core> Reports you will be brought to the Reporting Dashboard. You will see that you have 7 default reports pre-loaded.  You will also see a workspace for custom reports that we will cover in a moment. 


Default Reports: 

  • Order Summary Report - 1 row per order. No product-level data is included
  • Order Detail Report - 1 row per order, per SKU, per color, per size. Product and order level data included. 
  • Stores Report - 1 row per store. High-level store data for orders, revenue, and taxation.
  • Sales Report - 1 row per order, per transaction.
  • Product Ordering Report - 1 row per SKU, per color, per size
  • Personalization Report - 1 row per size, per personalization
  • Tax Report - 1 row per store jurisdiction
  • Gift Certificate Report -  1 row per gift certificate

Once you click on the default report, you can choose 'Export to CSV' to download the report, as is, making any edits in Excel or Google Sheets.

Customizing and Saving a Report for Export

Default reports can also be edited and saved to create a custom report. This allows you to load your saved reports quickly and export the pre-formatted data to a CSV file, saving you and your team time. 

Once you have clicked into a default report, your data will load, along with a report customization tool on the right-hand side of the page. 

You will use the report tool on the right to check/uncheck any data fields as you see fit. You can also drag and drop your fields to reorganize the sheet. This can be done by dragging the columns on the page, or in the report builder. 

Once you have organized your report, click 'save as' to save that formatted report for future use. All custom reports will display under the Custom Reports section of the dashboard. You can even choose to favorite a report by clicking the star to the left. This will ensure the report shows at the top of the displayed list.