Checkout Settings

Configure Your Store's Checkout Experience. This can be accessed from Store Admin > Store Settings > Checkout Settings.


Customer Payment

  • Required: This will require payment by the customer during checkout, before the order can be placed. Please note, in order to use this option, a payment processor must first be enabled, in your payment settings.
  • Optional: The payment processor enabled and 'Arrange Payment Later' will both be options during checkout. If 'Arrange Payment Later' is chosen, you will invoice or arrange payment options with the customer directly, but the order can still be placed.
  • Disabled: Payment is disabled and will not be collected during checkout, but an order can still be placed.

Accept Purchase Orders

Allows customers to checkout with a purchase order number and optional purchase order upload.

  • Only from customers I allow: You can enable the ability for individual customers to checkout with a purchase order. 
  • From any customer: Allows any customer to checkout with a purchase order. 

Purchase Order Attachments

  • Disabled: Do not prompt for upload of purchase order
  • Required: Require upload of purchase order
  • Optional: Make upload of purchase order optional

Allow customers to add a Gift Message to their order

If you wish to allow for customers to add a gift message to orders you can enable this using the ON/OFF toggle. Note: Gift messages will appear on the packing slip so the receiver will see the message. 

Display Estimated Delivery Date

You can choose whether or not to give your customers an estimate for when orders that are shipping will arrive to their destination.


Require Order Approval

  • You can choose whether to require order approval for all orders or orders that meet specific criteria. These orders will be found in the Pending Approval section of your Order Manager.


    You can require order approval for:
  • All orders
  • Orders that include Designer or Upload Now products
  • Orders that have not yet captured payment
  • Orders that exceed a set dollar amount.

    If you have Require Approval for Designer Orders enabled, this will automatically enable the setting to Require Order Approval for all orders that include Designer or Upload Now products.