Managing your Quotes & Invoices

How to view and Manage your Quotes and Invoices

Important: Business Tools has been sunset and is in Read-Only mode. New users will not see this area.

Getting Started
  • Hover over Business Tools
  • Click on Quotes and Invoices
  • Click Manage


Filter Results

You have the ability to filter by several different options to narrow your search:

  • Type: Quote or Invoice
  • Invoice Status: New, Sent, Approved, Past Due, Partially Paid, Paid, Deleted
  • Production Status: Not in the Order Manager, Confirmed, Pending Product, Assembling, Prepared, Complete
  • Store
  • Source - Admin or Customer
  • Date Range


Managing Filter Results

Once you have filtered your search criteria, you can manage the results using several different actions. Click the box on left of the quote/ invoice number to select and use the Select Action drop down to:

  • Download: Downloads the quote or invoice in a new tab
  • Copy: Copies the quote or invoice
  • Export to Quickbooks: This option is available if you have integrated your Quickbooks account into InkSoft: click here to learn more about enabling that option!
  • Send to Order Manager: Moves the quote or invoice into the Order Managerworkflow
  • Remove from Order Manager: Removes the quote or invoice from the Order Manager workflow
  • Delete 
  • Click 'Apply'.