Bulk Actions in Orders

Learn about Bulk Actions for Orders

There are a variety of things you can accomplish using bulk actions within your Orders. By selecting one or more of your orders, you will see icons appear in the top right-hand corner. 

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You can now Download:


You can now Print:

  • Print Work Order
  • Print Packing Slip (maximum of 25 packing slips at a time)
  • Print Receipt

NOTE: there is a maximum limit of 25 for the printing options. If you exceed 25, you will need to download them instead.


Additional Bulk Actions:

  • Mark Orders as Ready to Ship/Pickup 
  • Export Orders to QuickBooks

If you have configured the QuickBooks integration, you can us a bulk action to export your orders to QuickBooks as well! Click Here to learn more about Exporting Orders to QuickBooks.


Don't have Quickbooks configured in InkSoft yet? Click Here to get set up and connected first. You'll need to complete this step before you can send orders to QuickBooks.